Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day in the Studio – Thinking About Tibet

Today, I’m thinking of naming this baby “Tibet.” The decision will be made just before the last edge piece is leaded into the panel. Can’t really name the baby till she’s come to life!

Making progress. The full sized cartoon nears completion. More details and careful review.

Focused on transforming full size cartoons (drawings) into glass patterns for three leaded glass clerestory windows.

Below: Artist’s hands at work.

Captivated by the design, glass pattern pieces have been made from a meticulously drawn full sized drawing with most all of the fabrication details worked out. When completed, this will be as immensely colorful as the culture in Bhutan from the view of an outsider. The art glass will be a colorful reminder to the homeowners of a journey through Tibet and the Bhutan region of the Himalayas.

Three full sized windows with very fine detail are reduced to three piles of paper! Nearly two hundred prayer flag patterns. I am always amused when I can hold a window in my hand.

Patterns are sorted by color and type of glass.

At last, getting ready to cut glass. Patterns are being placed on top of the full sized cartoon. It’s like putting a paper puzzle together. It’s a hot summer day, but please, don’t turn the ceiling fan on!  

Many artistic processes will be utilized to create subtle layers of dimensional detail – all which will contribute to a design that is free of technical barriers so that the creation is true to my vision. The next steps are to paint and etch test samples. These will add to the breath of the design.

With over 20 different colors / types of Lamberts mouth blown sheet glass, who's afraid of color! Watch for progress in the future.